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New Media Arts, quality fine art scanning and photography

Lynn and NMA are featured in Mastering Digital Printmaking by Harald Johnson. Lynn's own work is available at lynnlown.com.

Lynn Lown, enthusiastic digital print pioneer, opened New Media Arts, Santa Fe's first archival fine-art digital print studio in 1996.

Lynn was trained as a traditional printmaker at one of America’s most notable printmaking schools and has been exploring new digital printing tools as they have evolved. He has experimented with digital platinum printing as well as inkjet printing on new and old materials, from papyrus to Tyvek. Tony Ryder (see gallery) remarked that Lynn's papyrus prints spanned 5,000 years of human technology. (Papyrus replaced “clay-tablet” technology around 3,000 BC.)

New Media Arts is devoted to producing the highest possible quality scans and photographs of paintings, drawings and other flat artwork.

"Image acquisition" is extremely important. In reproduction, the quality of the input is the principal limiting factor in the quality of the output. It is hard to overstate how much quality can help or lack of it can hurt the final product. We take great care to produce the highest quality film transparencies and digital scans. Combining our experience with the best tools available, we can give you the files and transparencies you need for visibly superior results.


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